School Board 101

Q: What is the make-up of the Pitt County Schools Board of Education?

A: Pitt County Schools consists of a 12 member governing Board of Education. It is made up of six districts, with two seats per district. Members are elected on a nonpartisan basis and serve six-year staggered terms. The Superintendent is appointed by the Board and serves as secretary to the Board.


Q: What is the purpose of the Board of Education?

A: School boards allow for local, community-level control over the education of our children. The proper role of a school board is to define a mission related to promoting learning and success for all students; set policy; define measurable goals; define evaluation criteria for the superintendent; approve expenditures; and engage the community throughout the process. There are some additional responsibilities related to financial governance. A school board is very much like the board of directors of a corporation. The school board plays a leadership/governance role, but it is not supposed to involve itself in day-to-day administration of the district.


Q: What is the mission of the Pitt County Board of Education?

A: Pitt County Schools, through high expectations, excellence in teaching and a safe, orderly environment, will ensure that all students master the skills necessary for success as life-long learners in a rapidly changing world.


Q: What authority does the Board of Education really have?

A: The school board can define policies, goals, and strategy, monitor progress against those objectives, provide direction toward those objectives, and say "No" to the administration on initiatives or decisions it doesn't approve of.


Q: How can we tell if our Board of Education is operating correctly?

A: A healthy school board stays focused on governance, i.e., "is the administration performing to the expectations set for it by the school board?" A healthy board spends much of its time reviewing performance measures, tracking performance measures against the district's goals, and giving feedback and direction to the superintendent. It also spends a lot of time getting input from the community.


Q: Who can vote for Board of Education members?

A: Every voter in the school district is allowed to vote for the school board members in their district. Our school board is made up of six districts, with two seats per district. Board members qualify to run on the basis of which district they currently live in.


Q: Where can I get more information about the Policies and Procedures for the Pitt County Board of Education?

A: Visit


Increase Career and Technical Education classes

Neighborhood schools

Implement strategies to strengthen academics

Decrease the dropout rate

Enforce strong discipline

Close the achievement gap between minority and non-minority students

Re-establish a strong arts program

Provide high quality athletic programs